Hosting and the impact of Major parasport Games

Thu, 06/11/2020 - 18:09

Hosting and the impact of Major parasport Games with Carolyn Trono, Marco DiBuono, and Brian Torrance. 

On June 11th various members of the parasport community joined us for a happy hour as we discussed Major games' legacies. The conversation was laden, with many valuable points and thought-provoking questions. We would like to present a few on this forum and invite you to comment, add, or even attempt to answer some of these questions. 

1. Hosting a Games is a relatively short term project. Activating a legacy is an infinite project. Legacy needs to be planned and executed with the wider community because the organizing committee won't exist a year after the Games.

Do you agree with this point? How can this be achieved or why can't it be achieved?

2. Is the system set up properly for success? The expectation is that an organizing committee has two priorities: to host the event, and also to plan for lasting legacies years after the dissolution of the organization.  Should a Legacy Co. be set up at the same time as the Host Corp.?  Each group would have a clear mandate and the focus could remain on the legacy initiatives

3. Do legacy programs always have to have a price tag?