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September 23, 2021

About CNIB
The Canadian National Institute for the Blind, CNIB, is a registered charity that strives to transform what it is to be blind today. Through providing innovative programming and powerful advocacy, the CNIB enables Canadians to live the life they choose. CNIB works with the government, other non-profit organizations, and community organizations across Canada to fundraise, advocate, and create inclusive programming. With programs encompassing guide dogs, technology, work, play, and live - everyone can find a program that's suitable for them!

Programs and Services
Live Programs
• Provides support and services to enhance your daily living skills, realize goals, and seize your future
• Current Programming: Virtual Vision Mate Program, Celebrating Parenthood, Project or Casting Opportunities, Bold Dreams, Peer Support Programs, Guide Dogs

Play Programs
• Provides social, recreational, and cultural activities that help you connect with others and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle
• Current Programming: Song Bingo Game Night, Seated Dance Fitness, Blind Golf Youth Initiative, Mindfulness Through Music, Name That Tune, Old Time Radio, Bible Study Group, Tuesday Coffee Chat, Let's Get Gardening, and more

Work Programs
• Provides skills and resources needed to attain your career ambitions, thrive academically, and hone your abilities as an entrepreneur or mentor
• Current Programming: I'm Looking for Work: Come to Work, I Want to Work for Myslef: The Venture Zone, I Want to Connect with Talent: Come to Work, Connecting the Dots Conference

Learn Programs
• Provides education, skills training, and literacy to empower you to achieve your goals through building social skills and independence
• Current Programming: The ABCs of IOS Manual, Children and Youth Programs, Braille and Literacy, Scholarships and Awards, CNIB Unbound Book Club, CNIB National Youth Council

Tech Programs
• Provides skill training that focuses on accessible, available, and affordable technology that lets you lead an independent life
• Current Programming: TechstravaganzePhone it Forward, CNIB SmartLife, Technology Programs, iPhone/iPad Training Workshops

Check out all of CNIB's virtual programming here.

The CNIB Card provides benefits to eligible applicants. This includes discounts and services from governments, businesses, and community partners. Applicants are eligible for the CNIB card if you're legally blind. Find out more here.

CNIB Guide Dogs
CNIB Guide Dogs is an initiative that raises and trains guide dogs for people with sight loss. CNIB Guide Dogs also works towards advocating for people with sight loss for opportunities to live, work, and play without barriers. Learn more here.

Support CNIB
CNIB is run largely by volunteers. Here are the upcoming volunteer opportunities that you can participate in:
Connecting the Dots - Session Facilitators
Connecting the Dots - Tech Support & Concierge
Donate to CNIB here