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October 7, 2021

About Glasgow Disability Alliance
Glasgow Disability Alliance, GDA, is a people-with-disability-led organization that strives to connect people with disabilities with each other through opportunities in accessible learning, coaching, and events. GDA's vision is a world where people with disabilities can participate and have their voices heard, on a full and equal basis, in all aspects of their lives, communities and wider society, with their human rights upheld and with choices equal to others. GDA's mission is to build the confidence and connections of people with disabilities, by delivering fully accessible programmes of support, learning, and capacity building, to enable people with disabilities' vital contributions and active participation in their own lives, in decisions that affect them, and in creating a more fair and more equal society. Find out more about what GDA does here.

COVID-19 Response
Since March 2020, GDA has switched to working from home. Throughout the pandemic, GDA has listened and provided support and resources to their members through phone calls, postal mailouts, and online services. By developing a strong infrastructure, GDA was able to connect with over 5000 people with disabilities and adapt/develop their services to meet emerging needs during the crisis.
During the pandemic, GDA conducted a COVID-reslience survey that allowed the organization to understand the needs of their members.

Image of GDA Resilience Survey results.

Learn more about GDA's COVID-19 response here.

Programs Offered
GDA offers a variety of accessible programmes and services.
Events include: Introduction to British Sign Language (BSL), Print Making, Craft and Chat, Mindful Meditation, Tai Chi and Gentle Movements, Book Talk, Tea and Chat, Singing, Sophrology, Photography, Dance, Mind and Draw, Drama Workshop, Keep Fit, Seated Yoga, Healthy Vegetarian Cookery, and more.
View the monthly programmes and events that GDA provides here.

GDA Membership
Joining GDA is free. Anyone who lives in Greater Glasgow and is a person with a disability or has a long-term health condition can become a GDA member. Organizations operated in Greater Glasgow and controlled by people with disabilities can register for a membership. Apply to become a member here.

Get Involved
Get involved with the GDA by becoming a general member, an associate member, participating in the Glasgow Community Lottery, and/or donating.

Contact Glasgow Disability Alliance
Suite 301, The White Studios,
Templeton Business Centre, Templeton Court,
Glasgow, UK, G40 1DA

Telephone: 0141 556 7103

Text: 07958 299 496