The Bench

picture of a bench in a park with people sitting on it

July 18, 2020

Canada's Recovery from the impact of COVID-19: Role of the Parks and Recreation Sector

The Bench will initially provide support to the sector as it faces new challenges presented by COVID-19. Inside, you will find discussion forums (Q+A) and a resource library with templates, tools, guidelines and other documents that we hope will make your work easier.
Throughout the year, the Bench will evolve to include many other features, including professional development opportunities, an events calendar, a Framework hub, links to the academic community, a career corner, communities of practice and a resource library on a range of topics.
We encourage you to upload documents and participate in the discussion. If you need help with the system, please contact

To join for free, please visit Please also send the link to colleagues to help quickly grow this new online community.