Why Participate?

We want to hear about your experiences involving access, inclusion and opportunity in your voice, from your perspective. 

Elite participants

Elite Athletes

Tell us about your journey to the elite levels of parasport competition and how it has changed now that the major parasport event is over. What improvements (or lack thereof) in access to training facilities and equipment have you experienced? How has transportation to and from programs changed? Are there more and/or better coaches and volunteers? Have you had the opportunity to access specialized training centres? Are there more and better competitions?

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Female tennis player in a wheelchair

Recreational Sport Participants

As a recreational parasport participant, your input will be extremely helpful in understanding the impact of major parasport events at the community level. How has accessibility changed in community facilities for you and your fellow participants? Are there more/any facilities dedicated to parasport activities? How have you navigated the participation options (hockey, basketball, swimming etc.) available now? Are there new leagues or have existing leagues grown? Are there more coaches and/or volunteers? How has your community made an effort to create more opportunities for you and your fellow participants?

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Man with prosthetic leg in gym

Casual or Non-Sport Participants

By sharing your views on the changes you’ve experienced in your community, you help us better understand the real long-term post-event impacts on parasport participation. Have you noticed an increase in participation rates among your peers? Are you aware of any outreach programs that encourage more participation? Do you feel there are now more opportunities to participate in your community? Are you now more interested in participating as a result of efforts to include you? Are transportation and access improved?

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